Mitsubishi Trust Yamamuro Memorial Scholarship

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Mitsubishi Trust Yamamuro Memorial Scholarship

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The Mitsubishi Trust Yamamuro Memorial Scholarship Foundation has been established since November, 1953, by sole endowments of the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation (present: the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation) and continues its activities of grant programs for scholarship through the nominated universities all over the country during the half of a century so that it can contribute to the development of industries and the improvement and progress of society and culture in our country.


Average Amount per Award:

Undergraduate: 70,000yen each month.
Graduate: 100,000yen each month.

Award Amount:

Undergraduate student: ¥30,000 each month
Graduate student: ¥50,000 each month
International undergraduate student: ¥70,000 each month
International graduate student: ¥100,000 each month


As of April in the year of application, the applicant shall:

1. Be at the grade of sophomore or above of a nominated university.
2. Have an excellent academic record with a good personality and in good health.
3. Have difficulty to finance his or her academic costs. (There are also limitations on age and income. Please refer to "On Application" for further information.
4. The applicant shall be recommended by president of the university.
5. The applicant shall have the intention of engaging in business or scientific studies as his or her future career.
6. In many universities, social science is the major academic area of application for scholarships, as set out by the Foundation. However, in some universities, academic areas other than social science are also accepted.


The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation
3 Fl. Nihombashi Bldg.,
2-4 Nihombashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0027,

Telefax: +81-3-3275-2409
Phone: +81-3-3275-2215


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