Al-Maqdisi Award

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Al-Maqdisi Award

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To apply for this Prize the candidate must fit the following criteria:-

Candidates Should be forty years or over (ie: born before the year 1967).
Candidates should have made a substantial and significant contribution towards Islamic jerusalem, such as, having a proven research record on Islamic jerusalem studies, innovated a major project related to Islamic jerusalem such as Renovation, Preservation of the Holy sites in Islamic jerusalem.
Candidates Should have lived or taught in Islamic jerusalem preferably taught in Al- Aqsa Mosque.
The nominated person should be a well-known figure in his/her field.
The Candidate Should be nominated by two scholars or by a well-known organisation/ institute or by two members of ISRA.

Applications can be made by submitting (non returnable):

A letter to ISRA explaining why the candidate should receive this special Award.
A brief description on the kind of contributions such as a proven research record he/she has contributed towards Islamic jerusalem.
Three copies of the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).
A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate.

All Nominations will be referred to the Management Committee of ISRA who will choose the winner. The Committee has the right to hold back the Award in the event that there is no suitable nomination. The decision of the committee is final, with no review procedures.


In 2003 ISRA decided to present the first Prize to Shaikh Ra'id Salah for his outstanding work in al-Aqsa Mosque.

In 2005 ISRA decided to present this prestige award to Professor Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi for his outstanding achievements in the field of Islamic jerusalem Studies. As he was the founder of this new field of Inquiry and the first chair in Islamic Jerusalem Studies.


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