Sheikh Zayed's Book Award

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Sheikh Zayed's Book Award

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The award established under the patronage and support of Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture& Heritage. The award is supervised by a Higher Committee that sets the general policies and a Consultative Council to follow-up on its operational mechanisms. The award is independent and neutral, it is presented every year to outstanding Arab writers, intellectuals, publishers as well as young talent whose writings and translations of humanities have scholarly and objectively enriched Arab cultural, literary and social life.


The value of the award totals AED 7 million.

The Award aims to:

1. Encourage outstanding writers and intellectuals in the fields of:
* Knowledge
* Fine arts
* Arab and Humanitarian Culture.
2. Honor scholars whose creativity and contribution to Arab culture is remarkable.
3. Celebrate and motivate.
* Young Scholars.
* Talented scholars.
* Intellectuals.
4. Boost the Arab publishing industry so that publishers can play a proactive role in enhancing Arab intellect as well as enriching Arab Culture with contemporary and remarkable works
5. Contribute to the advancement of technologies in the educational and cultural fields, whereby the results can be harvested for the education and culture of the Arab World.
6. Promote the translation initiatives and support distinguished works contributing to the sciences, arts and culture in the Arab World.
7. Supporting children's literature by encouraging Arab authors to contribute to the enlightenment of children's mind.
8. Elevate the competitiveness of outstanding Arab writers and intellectuals.


Book Award for Best Contribution to the Development of the Country:

Sheikh Zayed Award for Best Contribution to the Development of the Country includes works in the fields of economics, sociology, politics, law and theology from the perspective of developing and building the country, theoretically or their implementation on a limited scale.

Book Award for Children's Literature:
Sheikh Zayed Award for Children's Literature includes literary and cultural works especially dedicated for children of various age groups, whether fictitious, historical or scientific in appealing and simplified versions.

Book Award for the Young Author:
Sheikh Zayed Award for the Young Author includes scientific, literary and cultural works that deal with social sciences, literature, arts and technology. Candidates must not be over 40 years old.

Book Award for Translation:

Sheikh Zayed Award for Translation includes works that are translated directly from their original languages, either from or to Arabic in the fields of sociology, literature, arts and cultural technology provided that these works respect intellectual property rights and preserve the aesthetic character of the original works.
Book Award for Literature:

Sheikh Zayed Award for Literature includes poetry, short stories, novels and plays, whether the work is fictitious or a literary criticism.

Book Award for Arts:

Sheikh Zayed Award for Fine Arts includes books about plastic art, calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, music, folklore, cinema, photography and digital arts.

Award for the Best Technology in the Field of Culture:

Sheikh Zayed Award for the Best Technology in the Field of Culture includes written and digitally recorded works that promote Arabic language whether by individuals or research centers.

Award for Publishing and Distribution:

Sheikh Zayed Award for Publishing and Distribution goes to the best publisher, distributor or publishing house that publishes books in various fields of culture. Books must be of exceptional quality in layout and print.

Sheikh Zayed Award for the Cultural Personality of the year:

Honors a person who:

* Is a prominent Arab or international figure.

* Clearly contributed to enriching the Arab Culture.

* Embodies, through his/her works, authentic values, tolerance and enhance peaceful coexistence.


Winners of 2007:

* Dr. Basheer Mohamed Al-Khadra: Winner of Book Award for (Best Contribution to the Development of the Country)
* Dr. Mohammed Ali Ahmad (Children's Literature Book Award)
* Dr. Mahmoud Zein Al-Abedeen (The Young Author Book Award)
* Dr. George Zenaty (Translation Book Award)
* Dr. Waseni Al-Aaraj (Literature Book Award)
* Dr. Tharwat Ukhasha (Fine Arts Book Award)

Winners of 2008:

* H. E. Mohammed Bin Eissa (Cultural Personality of the Year)
* Huda Al-Shawwa Qadoumi (Children's Literature Book Award)
* Mohammed Sa'di (The Young Author Book Award)
* Dr. Fayiz Suyyagh (Translation Book Award)
* Dr. Ibrahim Al Kawni (Literature Book Award)
* Dr. Rifat Al-Chaderji (Fine Arts Book Award)
* Emirates Centre for Scientific Research and Studies (Publication and Distribution)

Winners of 2009:

* Dr. Baqer Salman Al Najjar: Winner of Book Award for (Best Contribution to the Development of the Country)
* Al-Dar Al- Masriah Al-Lubnaniah (Publication and Distribution)
* Dr. Youcef Oughlici (The Young Author Book Award)
* Dr. Sa’ad Abdulaziz Maslouh (Translation Book Award)
* Jamal Al Ghitani (Literature Book Award)
* Dr. Maher Rady (Fine Arts Book Award)
* Pedro Martinez Montavez (Cultural Personality of the year)


The Administration Office of Sheikh Zayed Book Award
Abu Dhabi Authority for culture and heritage
P.O.Box: 2380 Abu Dhabi
Telephone: 00971-2-6218444
Fax: 00971-2-6211167


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