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Jack Shand Research Awards

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A generous bequest from Jack Shand, a long-term member of SSSR until his death in 2001, has made it possible for SSSR (Society for the Scientific Study of Religion) to offer Jack Shand Research Awards to support research in the social scientific study of religion.


The small grants program: Approximately $18,000 to the small grants program, with individual awards limited to $5,000.
The large grants program: Approximately $45,000 to the large grants program, and individuals may submit proposals for up to $45,000.


Applicants in either category must have finished the Ph.D. degree and must be members of the SSSR.
In the case of co-authored requests, one author must be a member. Applicants may not submit proposals to both programs.
Applicants for grants up to $5,000 should email a proposal, in PDF, to each member of the small grants committee no later than 1st May.
The proposal should be no longer than 4 single-spaced pages of 12-point type, including a budget.
Applicants for grants larger than $5,000, and up to $45,000, should email a proposal, in PDF, to each member of the large grants committee no later than 1st May.
A cover sheet should include the applicant’s full contact information (including email and telephone numbers at which the applicant can reliably be reached), institutional affiliation, project title, start and end dates for the proposed grant period, total amount requested, and an abstract of not more than 150 words.
Not including the cover sheet, proposals should be no longer than 8 single-spaced pages of 12-point type, including a budget and budget justification.
Grants for more than $10,000 will be given to and administered by institutions.
Proposals for grants over this amount must be co-signed by the relevant administrative officer of the applicant’s institution, and such proposals may include up to 10% in indirect costs.
Grantees will submit a final report, including a financial report, to SSSR, no later than one month after the grant’s end date. Funding decisions will be made by 1st August.


* Jack Shand Small Grant Awards Committee Gerardo Marti, Davidson College (Chair), gemarti@davidson.edu
* Anthony Gill, University of Washington, tgill@u.washington.edu
* Milagros Pena, University of Florida, mpena@soc.ufl.edu
* John Schmalzbauer, Missouri State University, jschmalzbauer@missouristate.edu
* Jack Shand Large Grant Awards Committee Mark Chaves, Duke University, (President-Elect and Chair), mac58@soc.duke.edu
* Nancy Davis, DePauw University, ndavis@depauw.edu
* Russell Jeung, San Francisco State University, rjeung@sfsu.edu
* Fred Kniss, Loyola University Chicago, fkniss@luc.edu



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