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ACOnet: Austrian Academic Computer Network for science, research, education and culture (NREN)
BELNET: Belgian National Research Network
BGnet: The Bulgarian Network for Intercultural Dialogue and Education: Turkey - Bulgaria
CERNET: China Education and Research Network
CESNET: Czech Education and Scientific Network
DENET: Danish Information Network
DFN: Germany's National Research and Education Network
Einiras Database Network (EDN): Pan-European database for international relations and area studies
FREEnet: Russian Academic and Research Network
FUNET: The Finland's Education and Research Network
GAAR: The Italian Academic & Research Network
GRNet: Greek National Academic and Research Network
HEAnet: Ireland’s National Education and Research Network
HUNGARNET: Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association
ILAN: Israel Academic Network
JANET: The UK's Education and Research Network
NASK: Poland’s Research and Academic Computer Network
NORDUnet: The Nordic Infrastructure for Research & Education
RedIRIS: Spanish National Research Network
RoEduNet: Romanian National Research and Education Network
SANET: Slovic Academic Network
SUNET: Swedish University Computer Network
SURFnet: The Netherlands Pioneering Network
Swiss Academic Network (SWITCH)
Turkish Academic Network and Information Center
UARNet: Ukrainian Academic and Research Network
UNINETT: Norwegian Research Network

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